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Although The Well is best known for Community Accupuncture, we are also happy to offer individual acupuncture sessions (in a private room) for those who prefer a more traditional one-on-one treatment.     Please don't hesitate to schedule a one-on-one session with one of the licensed acupuncturists below.

On your first session, we will assess you to determine the goals of the treatment and what areas of the body need to be worked on.   Your first session is usually longer to account for this initial interview.

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For those wishing to use their health insurance benefits to cover one-on-one acupunture treatments, please use the link HERE to verify your  coverage.

Our Acupuncturists:
Jennifer Poulin MAc., L.Ac., LMT, ABT

Jennifer Poulin, founder of The Well, is both a licensed acupuncturist and licesned massage therapist.  She is excited and honored to fullfill her dream of being able to offer an affordable and accecible form of acupuncture to all who wish or need to find more ease in their world.  In addition to the community acupuncture setting, she now also offers an exclusive one-on-one acu/massage combo sessions.

Bobby Prokop, L.Ac., M.Ac. 

"Hi, I'm Robert Prokop.  I am a licensed acupuncturist and consulting hypnotist.  I've spent many years studying different forms of laternative healing and psychology, and acupuncture was my favorite one.  I like to use nature as my inspiration for th ework that I do because I love to be outdoors.  By working with individualas and not just symptoms, I empower patients to rethink their definition of healing.  I educate and treat patients to reconnect with their own true nature, and develop a mindset that can cultivate balance and health in themselves and - through a ripple effect - the lives of others."

Nicholas Tomaskovic-Devey, L.Ac

Nicholas is an acupuncturist and yoga teacher specializing in getting to the root cause of disease and "dis-ease".  Utilizing the medicinal nature of words and vibrational presence, his intention is to make the healing process as ease-full, enjoyable, and self-illuminating as possible.  Trained by Shamans and Energy Healers as well as some of the founders of Tai Sophia, Bob Duggan, and Dianne Connely, Nicholas utilizes the Acu-tonics tuning fork system as well as acupressure and hands on transformative energy work when appropriate.  He believes that your body is inherently wise and a unique manifestation of the movement of nature and that together we can partner for your optimal health, authenticity, and happiness.

Daniel Kemp, L.Ac., M.Ac. 

Bio coming soon!