Meet our Massage Therapist and Bodyworkers

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Patrick Regan LMT

Deep Tissue Guru

Patrick subscribes to the biopsychosocial model of health and approaches client care keeping the mind-body connection in the forefront. He specializes in various evidence-based techniques to release tension throughout the body. Patrick is most known for success in treating neck, shoulder, and back ailments, and is passionate about treating the individual as a whole. In addition to physical treatments, you can expect coaching and encouragement from Patrick to improve your symptoms for the long run.

Daniel Kemp LAc

Body Worker & Acupuncturist

Daniel has spent over 20 years engaged in the world of healing arts. Starting from the early 2000's as a yoga teacher, he then added massage training from the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in 2005 to his repertoire. Always seeking to deepen in his knowledge of healing the body-mind-spirit continuum, he decided to enter what was then the TAI Sophia Masters of Acupuncture program where he studied acupuncture and the power of language and healing presence in the treatment room. Combined with 8 years living abroad, with much of that time spent living amongst indigenous peoples whose medicine has always been holistic and rooted in nature, Daniel brings a very eclectic perspective to the healing process. He recalls a night on the island of Eua in the Tongan archipelago: "There were no medical doctors on the island, however I had been living with a medicine woman and her many children for quite some time and felt as one of her own. One night a fever I had been battling, became so intense I could hardly open my eyes and began to move in and out of vivid hallucinations. She took me into the main room and began singing and chanting in Tongan while wiping away the sweat from my body with a cool damp cloth. She would alternate between this cloth and an herbal compress she had made. When the sun broke over the horizon the next day, she was still there softly singing and smiling down into my eyes. The fever lifted and I walked down towards the sea as if I was adrift on a cloud, my body light, fluid and full of a palpable energy. This sensation stayed with me for days, but the memory has remained for decades as vivid as if it had been yesterday." It is that same energy that Daniel hopes to share with everyone who seeks his care.

Jenna DellaRatta

Reiki Attuned Integrative Energy Practitioner &
200HR RYT with Hakomi Method training.

Jenna is a student of life currently undergoing training in: Trauma Informed Restorative Yoga for Sexual Assault Survivors, The Tao of Trauma (a cross between Somatic Experiencing and Chinese Medicine), Psychedelics & Somatics, The Art of Holding Space, and multiple trainings with Peter Levine.

She currently includes all learnings in her practice to help clients heal from Adverse Childhood Experiences.
Jenna has a deep understanding that all our seemingly “unrelated” issues stem from a non dualistic and integrative source.

A little bit about Jenna:
Jenna approaches her passion for the Healing Journey from a whole person understanding of the connection between the mind, body, and soul believing that our symptoms are unequivocal signs of an imbalance that can be healed through age old wisdom that has withstood the test of time.

Jenna aspires to empower and motivate others in a spiritually contemporary way using the knowledge she has gained through her past professional and personal experiences as she continues to pursue continuing education.

She promotes a safe, trauma informed space for others by embodying the highest ideals in practical ways and helps cultivate a deepening of one’s understanding of themselves, others, and life itself.

Through Jenna’s studies of the traditional wisdom of the East and transformative approaches of the West, she synthesizes the best of both worlds into a coherent system of healing that is accessible to all, regardless of spiritual orientation.